When using ATL, BTL or TTL for your promotion strategy

Above the line is a type of advertising through media such as TV, cinema, radio, print, banners and search engines to promote brands. Major uses include television and radio advertising, web and Internet banner ads. This type of communication is conventional in nature and is considered impersonal to customers. It differs from Below the line advertising, which believes in unconventional brand-building strategies, such as direct mail and printed media (and usually involve no motion graphics).

BTL is an activity as used by marketeers to bring in awareness to a specific target market, by following a conventional marcom approach that lays emphasis towards using various Direct Marketing tools.These may include activities such as direct mail, public relations, sales promotions for which a fee is agreed upon and charged up front, roadshows, placing stalls in malls, participating in exhibitions, undergoing door to door selling, test marketing, in-house public awareness campaigns and many more. Below the line advertising typically focuses on direct means of communication, most commonly direct mail and e-mail, often using highly targeted lists of names to maximize response rates.

This type of marketing activity is often more cheap than ATL and is more focused and rather more quantitative then as compared to ATL that can be more expensive and more qualitative, since it focuses towards attracting the mass market in general.

In addition,above the line is much more effective when the target group is very large and difficult to define. But if the target group is limited and specific, it is always advisable to use BTL promotions for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. BTL is a common technique used for “touch and feel” products (consumer items where the customer will rely on immediate information rather than previously researched items).

“Through the line” refers to an advertising strategy involving both above and below the line communications in which one form of advertising points the target to another form of advertising thereby crossing the “line”. An example would be a TV commercial that says ‘come into the store to sample XYZ product’. In this example, the TV commercial is a form of “above the line” advertising and once in the store, the target customer is presented with “below the line” promotional material such as store banners, competition entry forms, etc..

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