What is Delegation and How to make it Effectively?

Delegation means we have someone to complete our tasks. We give him authority and responsibility to deal with the task. Our role lays in monitoring its progress and keeps its completion on track, according to the goal that we wish to achieve from the task.

Delegation will prevent the stress in you since it helps you deal with a lot of tasks in your limited time.You will have more time left but you can get more output.

Delegation is critical mainly if you are leader in an organization. As a leader your main task is take your organization to the goal. If you think about your own skill and ability to reach it then you will realize that the goal is too big to reach. But when you think about capability of each member then you will see the goal as a possible point to reach.

A few benefits that you can obtain from delegation :

  •     Train your subordinates to have more responsibility.
  •     Ensure that each member in organization get a proper workload.
  •     Grow a sense of belonging in each member in organization.
  •     For the leader, Delegation can maximize the ability to monitor and control the progress of its achievement process.

When you first start to delegate to someone, you may notice that he or she takes longer than you do to complete tasks. This is because you are an expert in the field and the person you have delegated to is still learning. Be patient: if you have chosen the right person to delegate to, and you are delegating correctly, you will find that he or she quickly becomes competent and reliable.

To delegate effectively, choose the right tasks to delegate, identify the right people to delegate to, and delegate in the right way. There’s a lot to this, but you’ll achieve so much more once you’re delegating effectively!


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