Sales Scripts – How to persuade your prospects

The “Persuasion Sales Scripts” have many benefits. The key thing that they do is they turn average salespeople into good salespeople, by simply giving them a script to follow, so that they can implement what the top salespeople in their industry are doing. It allows them to be able to replicate better results on a more consistent basis than the average performances that they are currently putting in. The benefit of a “Persuasion Sales Script” is it gives people a formula to follow, where they can check in and see what actually stopped them from making a sale and points that they could do in the future by following the script to give them the formula to be able to close the deal.

How often you found the word similar like these?

  • Saya sedang sibuk untuk berbicara hari ini.
  • Anda menghabiskan waktu anda saja
  • Saya tidak tertarik
  • Kirimkan saja brosur produk anda
  • Atasan saya sedang rapat
  • Atasan saya sedang keluar kota
  • Saya tidak ada waktu, sedang banyak pembeli

How a salesperson should have the right mindset in the face of rejection, because the rejection is given by the prospective customer actually is not a truth denial.

What will you do when customers complain or reject of the offers that you provide? There are many ways that we can do to deal with customer objections, one of which is the QUIET method, which stands for: Question, Understand, Identify, Empathize and Test.


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